Secures the timber’s origin with modern felling techniques

OTMETKA has developed new technologies that allow you to efficiently digitize large amounts of data on your forest holdings and forest production, creating 100 percent guaranteed timber traceability during continuous harvesting. Providers of other systems are keen to offer a traceability feature – but these are far from a guarantee of true traceability.

We help our customers better use forest data to secure the future of and to further develop a robust Nordic timber industry, but also to develop the forest industry across the globe. We do this by focusing on the individual log so that each log marked with our system can automatically be traced right back to the stump. OTMETKA’s basic database model for linking the individual log is recognized as unique and singular and creates the first data block in a blockchain.

Smart, unbroken information chain

We envision an industry where forests are digitized at tree and timber levels, where production data, forest data and industry requests are merged into an unbroken, smart flow of information with 100 percent guaranteed traceability. This type of system is naturally intuitive when you consider that trees are handled one at a time during felling, cutting and limbing.

By introducing our comprehensive and reliable forest-specific marking system, OtmetkaID©has effectively created an unbroken information chain. Even after cutting, each log is still identifiable on an individual basis with the original data associated with each log intact and accessible. OtmetkaID is based on globally unique IDs, which means that the same system can be used worldwide. All subsequent transactions can then be linked into a single blockchain, which can be integrated into enterprise-specific business systems.

Create better forecasts for your forest holdings

When the timber comes into the sawmill, camera technology reads and interprets the log’s OtmetkaID. At the same time, log characteristics data can be compared from the harvester or from manual felling with new, more accurate data obtained during the survey at the sawmill. This allows you to create a better forecast for the next harvest and for your growing forest holdings. OtmetkaID can also be read in the field using rugged handheld computers or smartphone apps.

During felling, a lot of forest data is produced that isn’t used to the extent that it could be. Recycling data is a smart way to create better conditions for increased profitability in forestry, while further developing ecologically driven, sustainable forestry. Effective forestry takes into account the value of nature as a whole. In addition, illegal felling can easily be detected when using this system.

When coordinates are set within OtmetkaID marking system, data from each tree can be used as a key for forecasts made with remote sensing data.

When coordinates are set within the OtmetkaID marking system, data from each tree can be used as a key for forecasts made with remote sensing data.