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Biometrics for identification

The University of Salzburg conducts an Austrian-French research project using biometrics for identification and quality assessment of logs based on digital images of the ends of the log. Effective tracking of timber as well as quality analysis and measurement are key technologies for creating intelligent information towards the Sawmill Industry 4.0.

Practial problems with biometric methods

Logs are identified based on their physical properties, here by using the annual ring pattern and shapes visible at both end faces. Biometric methods enable identification of each individual log, like a fingerprint. However, log end biometrics still has to overcome a set of practical problems like snow, dirt, moisture, varying capturing conditions and storage damage due to water jumping. Some of these issues will be very difficult to solve and maybe there are no solutions which are applicable in all scenarios of the forest and sawmill-based industries.

Solution: OtmetkaID

In the scope of this project, we cooperate with the Swedish company OTMETKA, which has the most robust, practical and natural method of creating unique markers on log end faces – OtmetkaID©In this regard, I am convinced that OTMETKA provides the state-of-the-art solution which can be applied on a large scale in all environments.

Ensure traceability while value added

Furthermore, the combination of both technologies provides a tamper-proof solution that can ensure traceability of individual timber logs as well as it enables to determine log quality related information at an early stage.

Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Rudolf Schraml, University of Salzburg, Department of Computer Science, Austria


Read abstract by Rudolf Schraml, Heinz Hofbauer & Andreas Uhl

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