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Want to improve the value chain

The forest industry in New Zealand has taken a big step forward to develop its value chain. The forest is the country's third most important export product, after dairy and meat, and covers almost a third of the land area.

Solves many problems

Forest Growers Research, FGR, which is backed by the New Zealand forest industry and the majority of all major forest companies and companies in the industry, wants to address various problems in the industry: labor shortages, rising operating costs, increasing barriers to long-term sustainability, increased environmental impact and low profitability for smaller forests.

By introducing a uniform marking system for guaranteed traceability, they want to be able to assure customers that the products do not consist of illegally harvested timber, timber from areas with high conservation value, timber from conversion of natural forests to plantations and timber from deforestation.

After global review…

To find the optimal solution, FGR conducted a thorough technical review of various marking and traceability systems – including inkjet printers, RFID tags, and impact marking – worldwide. Finally, they came up with the best solution for New Zealand.

… OTMETKA best system

FGR chose the unique ForestQR© system from OTMETKA due to the lowest total cost for the marking and ability to trace logs compared to others. But most of all for its highly skilled solutions that make it possible to digitize the whole value chain on log level all the way from forest to end consumer.


Read project description by Dr. Glen Murphy, Project Leader, Automated LogID Tagging and Tag Reading Project, Forest Growers Research Ltd, New Zealand

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